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Does your pool fence comply?

Pool Inspections in Toowoomba


Toowoomba Pool Safety are the leading pool safety inspectors in the Darling Downs region. If you own a property with a pool, you need to have its barrier regularly checked to ensure it fulfils all legal requirements.

If instead you're going to be buying, selling or leasing a property with a pool or spa, you will require a pool safety certificate. We can help you achieve complete compliance for your fencing with an advisory consultation, so you can breeze through your inspection. For all the practical advice and guidance to ensure your pool area is up to standard, contact Toowoomba Pool Safety today.
Fencing Law
Pool owners need to ensure they have the correct measures in place for pool gates, signs, barriers, climbing hazards, fence strength and rigidity. Our licensed inspectors will ensure your pool area is safe and secure. Read more about what you need to do here.
Pool Fencing
Queensland government pool safety laws changed in 2015 and you need to ensure your pool or spa complies or you could face a significant fine. Click here to learn more about your legal obligations.